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1 device that reflects radiation
2 optical telescope consisting of a large concave mirror that produces an image that is magnified by the eyepiece; "Isaac Newton invented the reflecting telescope in 1668" [syn: reflecting telescope]

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  1. Something which reflects heat, light or sound, especially something having a reflecting surface.
  2. A reflecting telescope.
  3. A small, often red, reflecting disk on the rear of a vehicle that reflects the headlights of other vehicles.



  1. reflecting device on the back of a vehicle, e.g. a bike

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A reflector can mean one of several things:
  • The .NET Reflector code browser utility
  • A computer program such as GNU Mailman, LISTSERV or Majordomo that re-mails electronic mail to a pre-determined distribution list
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Cassegrainian telescope, Newtonian telescope, OAO, OSO, astronomical observatory, astronomical telescope, cheval glass, coelostat, concave mirror, convex mirror, coronagraph, coronograph, distorting mirror, glass, hand mirror, heliostat, looking glass, mirror, observatory, orrery, pier glass, planetarium, radar telescope, radio observatory, radio telescope, rear-view mirror, refractor, seeing glass, shaving mirror, spectrograph, spectroheliograph, spectrohelioscope, spectroscope, speculum, telescope, window mirror
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